2015 Fortune 500 Recruitment Marketing Report Card

Thanks for your interest in our Fortune 500 Recruitment Marketing Report Card!

Before you dive in, we want to let you know this is our 2015 Report Card.

While there are a lot of great insights and advice (aka you should definitely download it), our latest update is available to download as well…that’s right it’s our 2016 Fortune 500 Recruitment Marketing Report Card.


Modern recruitment professionals understand that the talent acquisition universe has changed. Candidates are like consumers. They have choices. They research a new employer the same way they research products they want to buy, and they expect the process of engaging with a prospective employer to be hyper relevant and transparent. It’s no longer enough to have good jobs; if you want to attract today’s top talent, you need to leverage your employer brand, culture, benefits and growth opportunities, and prove that yours is better than the competition.

This multi-industry overview provides not only a fascinating look into how the Fortune 500 recruit top talent, but also details on where they fall short. Let our data be your guide as you revolutionize the way your organization does recruiting.

The report includes details on many topics, including:

  • 12 proven, emerging, and untapped best practices in recruitment marketing, plus examples
  • Key findings surrounding the widespread adoption of recruitment marketing
  • The Dean’s List – 13 companies exceptional in their use of recruitment marketing principles
  • Industry sectors with the best recruitment marketing scores (and the worst)
  • Vital questions to ask about your company’s recruiting process

Read our report to find out what proven and emerging best practices will give you an edge on your recruiting competitors and help your organization flourish in today’s fierce struggle for the best talent.

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