2016 Fortune 500 Recruitment Marketing Report Card

Recruitment Marketing has become a key strategy and differentiator in talent acquisition to attract and engage the best candidates over the competition

In one year since the inaugural SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Report Card for the 2015 Fortune 500, Recruitment Marketing has become a recognized discipline adopted by the organizations of varying sizes. To reflect the maturity of the discipline among Fortune 500 organizations, SmashFly expanded the criteria and categories of this year’s report.

This report analyzes the use of Recruitment Marketing practices by the 2016 Fortune 500. It provides a view into which best-practice marketing principles are being used by the largest recruiting organizations, which practices are emerging and which are largely untapped. By reading this report, business leaders and talent acquisition teams can learn how their strategies compare and which practices they should invest in to better compete and gain an edge in this pivotal time for hiring.

To better compete for top talent, organizations are adopting best practices in Recruitment Marketing. It’s a discipline that propels talent acquisition out of the transactional, job-led, unscientific way of recruiting and into a brand-led, relationship-based and data-driven strategy to connect with talent long term.

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