The Trilogy of Modern Talent Acquisition: Employer Branding, Recruitment Marketing & Analytics

Glassdoor for Employers and SmashFly Technologies partner on this essential guide on the consumerization of the candidate experience and the 3 defining concepts of modern talent acquisition.

Three truths define today’s talent landscape:

  1. Candidates are in control.
  2. Candidates research like consumers (because that’s what they are).
  3. Candidates care about culture AND jobs.

Despite the fact that candidates are doing more research than ever before accepting new positions, did you know that more than half of recent hires experience buyer’s remorse due to an inaccurate picture of the job? They’re not the only ones hurt by this; your organization suffers, too. Any employee that’s less than the best fit isn’t going to engage, perform, or advocate for your company as strongly as you’d like them to.

Avoiding these kinds of situations is just one reason you need to understand the consumerization of the candidate experience. Today’s recruiting strategy must be driven by a complete understanding of the trilogy of modern talent acquisition: Employer Brand, Recruitment Marketing, and Unified Analytics. Get more details in this quick presentation, detailing the KPIs of tomorrow, pro tips for creating content that converts, and techniques for monitoring brand performance.