Inbound Marketing for Recruiters

How can you reach an audience that has learned to ignore you?

86% of consumer skip TV ads; 91% unsubscribe from email; and 44% don’t open direct mail. That paints a pretty grim picture for outbound marketing.

However, all hope is not lost – enter inbound marketing. In today’s age of the educated consumer, you can attract your target audience directly to your message by adding value and relevance. This quick presentation breaks down inbound marketing to its most basic elements, so even those with no marketing experience can put these strategies into action.

Teach yourself the skills needed to:

  • Improve candidate flow with job ads

  • Help candidates with their job search through blogging

  • Actively shape your reputation on Glassdoor

  • Nurture talent leads with newsletters

  • Provide timely content to followers on social channels

Inbound marketing is at the heart of modern recruiting. Check out this presentation and learn how to attract more leads and turn them into better-fit applicants, so your recruiter have more qualified candidates to source from.