Best Practices in High Performance Recruitment Marketing

What is Recruitment Marketing NOT?

  • It’s not the same as consumer marketing.
  • It’s not another term for sourcing strategy.
  • It’s not a facelift for an otherwise toxic culture.
  • It’s not limited to merely broadcasting open jobs.

Recruitment marketing encompasses every tactic – content marketing, email nurturing, social recruiting, mobile recruiting, career site, SEO, employee referrals, talent networks, job marketing, employer branding, recruiting events, recruiting analytics, CRM – that a talent acquisition team uses to find, attract, engage and nurture leads in order to convert them into more qualified applicants to fill jobs now and in the future.

This presentation by Brandon Hall Group discusses the 5 key components of high-performance recruitment marketing, including Content Marketing, Candidate Relationship Management (CRM), Social Media Marketing, Employer Brand Management, and Search Engine Marketing & Advertising. It touches on the impactful best practices underlying each component, and underscores recommendations with research and real-life stories.

Enjoy this fascinating look at best practices in recruitment marketing, featuring examples from global organizations Lockheed Martin and CDW.