HR Tech 2014: A Vision for Total Recruitment Marketing

Modern recruitment professionals understand that the talent acquisition universe has changed. Today’s candidates are like consumers. They research a new employer the same way they research products they want to buy, and they expect the process of engaging with a prospective employer to be hyper relevant and transparent. It’s no longer enough to have good jobs; if you want to attract today’s top talent, you need to leverage your employer brand, culture, benefits and growth opportunities, and prove that yours is better than the competition.

To proactively attract and engage today’s consumer-minded candidates, modern recruiting organizations of all sizes are finding an edge through recruitment marketing. This presentation provides a highly visual overview of what recruitment marketing can do for you, and how our Total Recruitment Marketing Platform can fuel your talent acquisition success:

  • MARKET jobs, employment brand campaigns, and other initiatives from a single platform.
  • PROCLAIM your presence wherever potential candidates work and play.
  • ELEVATE your message and communicate the right thing to the right contacts at the right time.
  • ENGAGE your leads, and keep them warm through nurture – staying top of mind for when they are ready to make a career move.
  • MEASURE & OPTIMIZE every step of your recruitment marketing initiatives.

This is SmashFly’s vision for total recruitment marketing. Join us, and let us empower you to lead your talent acquisition organization to new heights.