Live from HRTechConf 2015: Why Recruitment Should Be Transparent Marketing

Like it or not, how you treat your candidates has a big impact on your brand.

Today’s job seeker shares his or her experiences online – meaning one negative experience can go a long way in affecting your talent pool and even your profits. However, living up to the expectations of the modern candidate is far from easy. At the same time they demand to be valued as an individual and provided with an engaging, positive experience, they also crave transparency in the recruitment process.

How can you navigate the tricky world of today’s hiring economy, and deliver on candidate expectations while fulfilling your recruitment goals?

How can you leverage positive candidate reviews – and use negative candidate reviews to your advantage?

Why does transparency need to be a key principle of your recruitment process?

Join TalentCulture #TChat Show co-hosts Meghan M. Biro and Kevin W. Grossman as they interview a panel of dynamic women in marketing and talent acquisition, including SmashFly CMO Lori Sylvia, to discuss the value of transparency in recruitment marketing, and why customers and candidates are more similar than you think.