CMO Lori Sylvia Talks Recruitment Marketing on HRExaminer Radio

SmashFly’s Chief Marketing Officer Lori Sylvia talks the future of recruitment marketing, the importance of building talent pipelines, and why you need a Recruitment Marketing Platform with KeyInterval analyst and HR Examiner Radio host John Sumser. Their illuminating conversation touches on the role of recruitment marketing in the modern organization; the “Goldilocks problem” of recruitment, and why it’s important to always be building talent relationships, regardless of your hiring needs in the moment; and being more proactive in your recruitment strategy will have you filling jobs faster, starting today.

The podcast also presents a unique resource to those looking to switch into the technology, recruiting, or marketing industries. Lori provides insight into her vibrant, 20-year career journey, and transitioning from journalism into the world of software startups. Her experience touches on everything from network security to the Internet of Things; today, she’s found a home in HR technology. Listen below for the inside scoop on the timelines of switching industries, the importance of asking lots of questions, and how economic downturn affects hiring.

Recruitment professionals and job seekers alike will benefit from this fascinating conversation. Learn firsthand what practices are taking over the world of recruitment –and how you can stay on the cutting edge.