The Modern Recruiting Model


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The Modern Recruiting Model

Recruiting + Recruitment Marketing = Modern Recruiting

First came Recruiters. Then came Sourcers. Introducing Recruitment Marketers: the newest discipline for the modern recruiting organization.

The 6 Steps of Modern Recruiting:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Interest
  4. Application
  5. Selection
  6. Hire

Recruiting and Recruitment Marketing both do their part in the Modern Recruiting process.


  • What They Do: Application, Selection, and Hire (Steps 3-6)
  • Who They Are: Talent Advisor, Sourcer, Application Process Manager, ATS Coordinator, Recruiter
  • The Goal: Match qualified applicants to hiring managers and ensure offer acceptance.


  • What They Do: Awareness, Consideration, Interest (Steps 1-3)
  • Who They Are: Employer Brand Manager, Digital Marketer, Content Strategist, Social Media Manager, Recruitment Marketing Specialist
  • The Goal: To attract qualified candidates to your employer brand and convert them into applicants.

TACTICS: The Blueprint to Attract the New Candidate

Recruiting uses tactics like….

  • Strategic talent planning with business units
  • Hiring manager relationship building
  • Pipeline sourcing
  • Applicant assessment and selection
  • Applicant engagement and communication
  • Offer and acceptance management

Recruitment Marketing, meanwhile, employs tactics like…

  • Employer branding
  • Candidate audience segmentation
  • Content creation
  • Job marketing
  • Social recruiting
  • Candidate nurturing
  • Lead conversion
  • Data analysis

R + RM = MR

Embracing Recruiting Marketing as a complement to the traditional Recruiting discipline is the path to becoming a Modern Recruiting Organization that drives consistently better Talent Acquisition performance.