SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Report Card


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Smashfly Recruitment Marketing Report Card

Original research on how the 2015 Fortune 500 use recruitment marketing practices.

The Grades

SmashFly analyzed the career sites of the Fortune 500 for 13 recruitment marketing practices, including mobile-friendly job search and apply; use of a talent network; diversity, military and campus initiatives; and careers social channels.

13 companies earned an “A”

27% of companies earned “As” & “Bs”

39% of Tech sector earned “As” & “Bs” – highest scoring sector

4: Number of recruitment marketing practices more than 50% of companies use

57% use employee stories

49% message by job family

67% have a student or intern page

The Mobile Factor

The Fortune 500 are making their way into mobile, but having a complete end-to-end mobile experience – from career site to job search to apply – puts an organization in the top tier.

70 companies have an end-to-end mobile-friendly candidate experience

38% have a mobile-friendly apply page

59% have a mobile-friendly career site homepage

36% have a mobile-friendly job search

The Emerging Practices

The top tier companies are using key emerging and untapped recruitment marketing practices for a competitive edge. Here’s why these practices matter in attracting and engaging leads pre-apply.


  • 27% have a talent network. Adding a talent network form in the apply flow captures candidate lead info in case applicants drop off.
  • 33% display social careers icons. Career-specific social channels keep leads engaged with relevant content & showcase an organization’s culture.
  • 35% have a military page. Military-specific messaging taps into a highly skilled talent pool.


  • 9% host a careers blog/resources. Having a careers-specific blog positions an organization as a relevant, valuable resource & communicates directly to leads.
  • 1% use images in job descriptions. Images bring a company’s employer brand to life and stand out against paragraphs of text.
  • 1% use videos in job descriptions. Videos engage leads with employee stories and brand culture.

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