Your Guide to Referral Programs

9 Steps to Building Brand Advocates and Happy Hires

In this information-heavy, digital-driven, network-reliant talent landscape, you need your strongest employees as brand advocates to assist your talent acquisition efforts. Glassdoor and Smashfly joined forces to create this guide for building effective employee referral programs. We’ll show you why you may need to revamp your current efforts and provide you with nine steps to creating a top-notch program.

Referrals are essential to a recruitment marketing strategy. Referrals must be a part of your overarching strategy to attract more of the right talent. A successful referral program is contingent on other recruitment marketing essentials, like social media strategy, nurture strategy, CRM, strong employer brand and storytelling. Your referral strategy must be tracked alongside your other recruitment marketing tactics in order to measure success — which means your referral technology can’t be siloed.

Download the full guide today and learn how your organization can become a market leader in referrals in just 9-steps.


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