“But I have similar tools… Why do I need a Recruitment Marketing Platform?”

You have social through one tool, job distribution through numerous others, and a career site through another. These tools might each work fine on their own, but they don’t work well together or with your ATS.

By adding SmashFly’s Total Recruitment Marketing Platform to the front end of your ATS, you add ONE system of record that automates, manages and measures every effort to find, attract, engage, nurture and convert leads into applicants. By tracking every channel and effort the same way in a singular platform, you’ll gain insight like:

  • How many visitors come to your career site, from which social networks or job boards and what content they engage with
  • How your latest college recruiting campaign performed in terms of email opens and click throughs, how many of them joined your talent network, and how many converted into qualified candidates for your pipelines
  • What your conversion rate is between candidates who start the apply process and complete it, and for those that dropped off, which responded to the automatic email inviting them to finish their application
  • How many leads you need to capture and/or source to hire for one open job requisition

SmashFly’s Total Recruitment Marketing Platform replaces the disjointed tools you use for talent attraction and
engagement with one complete platform that manages and measures all your recruitment marketing tactics side by side
and continuously moves leads toward conversion.

Download this guide to learn more on how a Total Recruitment Marketing Platform can improve your data and decision making, drive down cost, and increase quality hires.

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