The Guide to Source of Influence: What, Why, and How

The age of employer branding means that companies need to think of candidates as consumers. The process of recruitment marketing begins with finding and attracting candidates to your brand, engaging them with information as they consider your company as an employer, and nurturing them to apply when an appropriate position arises.

Today’s job search process is rarely so straightforward as a candidate deciding to look for a job, screening ads, sending in a resume, interviewing, and finally getting hired. The candidate journey is much less linear, crossing the online and offline environments, with multiple touchpoints along the way, including your website, career sites, news sites, blogs, social media, events, reviews, and one-on-one interactions.

Source of hire is one of the most commonly used recruiting metrics, tracking the last source a candidate used before he or she applies. Source of hire is useful to understand where candidates apply, but it’s not the whole picture! And in today’s world of social media, employer branding and digital marketing, employers need to understand the effect of all their recruitment marketing efforts to gauge their return on investment.

Source of influence is a more than a metric; it’s a way of understanding the candidate journey from attraction to application and tracking the effectiveness of each recruiting channel your company uses. This quick guide will guide you in defining source of influence, why it matters to your company, and how to monitor and track it in order to optimize your recruitment marketing strategy.

Download this handy guide today and learn more about:

  • What source of influence is
  • Why it matters to your organization
  • How to track and use it to inform your recruiting strategy


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