“I’m switching my ATS right now! I don’t have the time or resources to add a Recruitment Marketing Platform to the mix.”

Switching your ATS is disruptive, expensive and time-consuming – we understand because we’ve helped many customers go through the process (and live to tell about it!). No, SmashFly isn’t an ATS migration consultant. It’s just something we do to help customers when they adopt our technology that’s designed to make your ATS and your talent acquisition strategy perform better. Modern recruiting organizations know that merely switching ATSes won’t solve their challenges at the top of the funnel: which is finding, attracting, engaging and nurturing more quality leads to convert into applicants.

You can set up your new ATS for success by pairing it with a Recruitment Marketing Platform that will:

  • Fix the drop-off problem – use a talent network form to capture up to 80% of the leads you’ve attracted before they drop off your application process. Eaton captured 1,000 contacts daily through SmashFly’s talent network form while managing two ATSes!
  • Drive more quality applicants into your ATS faster – automatically engage and nurture your leads to convert them into applicants, resulting in up to 42% more applicants for every job when compared to an ATS alone.
  • Track every recruiting effort accurately – access unparalleled, real-time analytics to know all the sources of influence in the candidate journey, not just the last source of hire from the ATS.

Plus, with SmashFly, you’ll be adding a trusted partner that will help streamline your ATS migration process, present a seamless candidate experience from attraction to application and customize workflows from lead to applicant to hire.

  • One SmashFly customer experienced a 10-day blackout when migrating their ATS from Taleo to SuccessFactors; with SmashFly in place, they were able to redirect candidate traffic to a talent network form so that no leads were lost.
  • Another SmashFly customer was able to present a seamless candidate experience on the front-end while live on two ATSes during their migration.

Consistent lead capture. Personalized lead nurture. Proactive employer branding. Trustworthy, end-to-end metrics. Seamless candidate experience. Reliable partner. Didn’t think all that could come with an ATS migration, did you? By adding SmashFly’s Total Recruitment Marketing Platform, it can.

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