Maximize Your Initiative Hiring Strategies

Attract more campus, military and veteran candidates to make more quality hires today, while building a pipeline of talent to make faster hires in the future.

SmashFly makes it easy for you to maximize your initiative hiring strategies and investment whether it’s campus, military or diversity.

With SmashFly’s Total Recruitment Marketing Platform and Services, you can centrally execute and measure these unique recruiting initiatives. Generate more quality hires with each specific candidate audience to meet today’s corporate goals while building and nurturing robust talent pipelines to meet your future goals.

SmashFly enables your organization to deliver increased return on investment from your initiative recruiting events and campaigns helping you attract more quality talent for specific candidate audiences like campus, diversity and military. The result is building relationships earlier with these candidates through relevant messaging and targeted events so you can figure out the interactions that are most effective in driving leads, applicants and hires.

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