Starting Your Mobile Recruiting Strategy

Mobile is the modern candidate’s sidekick.

It’s become a key aspect of nearly every job search. Take a look at the numbers:

  • 75% of active candidates have visited a company’s mobile site to learn about careers or viewed career opportunities in their mobile inbox.
  • 45% of candidates have actually applied via mobile.
  • 20% of candidates have used a phone to upload a resume.
  • Beginning on April 22, 2015, Google has begun providing higher visibility for mobile optimized websites to those individuals accessing the web through a mobile device.

And yet, despite the benefits to mobile, according to a recent study by RecruiterBox, only 13% of companies are adequately investing in mobile recruitment. With so few companies taking advantage of the power of mobile, mobile recruiting provides your business with an edge on the competition. The war for talent is real, and if you want to attract your share of the best candidates, you need to stay ahead of the curve.

We created this handy checklist to guide you as you begin to develop your mobile recruiting strategy. This essential guide includes:

  • Tips for mobile-optimized career site planning.
  • Separate checklists for career site content, communication, analytics, and information capture.
  • A link to the Google Mobile-Friendliness Test (see if you pass)!
  • Next steps and long-term strategies for a great candidate experience.

Mobile recruiting is absolutely the way of the future; don’t get left in the past. Download our handy guide, and start on your mobile recruitment strategy today.

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