How to Make Your Careers Newsletter Un-Boring

Candidates today act like consumers in how they research and interact with prospective employers. And despite all the “email is dead” hype, 70% of Internet users use email as their primary form of communication with businesses. But with all the inbox clutter, your employer brand has to stand out among the other subject lines and make top candidates take action and click.


You have a talent network: a database of interested candidate leads who opted in to hear more from your organization.


They’re expecting ongoing, targeted, interesting news, jobs, and resources about your organization, employees, and opportunities. They’re passive candidates waiting for you to impress them with an opportunity they can’t refuse or an employee story that resonates with them. If you send them the same old automated ad alerts for every job family across your organization, they’re going to quickly opt out. If you don’t send them anything, they’ll forget about you.

Content doesn’t have to mean 1200-word blog posts or artfully-produced videos. Surprisingly, between your talent acquisition team, marketing team, career site, and employees, you have more resources to engage leads than you know.

This guide from SmashFly provides you with five unique content ideas that will get your leads to open your emails, stay interested, and take action on the right opportunity.

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