“I’m looking for a CRM… How is a Recruitment Marketing Platform different?”

A recruitment CRM is a database to store contacts separately from applicants. A CRM doesn’t capture leads from your career site by itself, and it doesn’t drive interested candidates from your marketing programs into your talent pipeline. It also doesn’t automatically nurture pre-applicants to become applicants. A Recruitment Marketing Platform does everything a CRM does and all of the above.

The automation features in SmashFly’s Total Recruitment Marketing Platform engage and nurture leads to convert them into applicants, resulting in up to 42% more applicants for every job compared to an ATS alone. 85% of workers are considered passive candidates – they’re not actively “looking” for a new job. But in today’s competitive talent market, it’s your role to attract quality leads and convert them into applicants.

While a CRM can house contacts, SmashFly’s Total Recruitment Marketing Platform enables you to nurture and convert those contacts faster, easier, and more effectively into quality applicants.

Learn more about the differences between a CRM and a Recruitment Marketing Platform in this guide. In addition you’ll see some real world examples of how some of the Fortune 500 are using a Recruitment Marketing Platform to meet their own challenges.

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