Build a Personalized Brand-Led Candidate Experience

Provide a personalized candidate experience that consistently promotes your employer brand and converts at every stage of the candidate journey.

SmashFly helps your organization deliver a brand-led and personalized candidate experience throughout the entire candidate journey
from research on your career site to consideration in a candidate’s email inbox.

With SmashFly’s Total Recruitment Marketing Platform and Services, you learn more about the talent you’re attracting, enabling you
to personalize your candidate experience through career site messaging, job recommendations and branded email campaigns. With a
brand-led, targeted candidate experience, you increase the reach of your unique value to candidates, generating more of the right talent
for faster hires.

By marketing your employer brand first and providing a valuable, personalized experience for candidates, SmashFly helps your
organization increase awareness and leads and better hire on purpose for right-fit candidates.

Learn more about how to build a personalized brand-led candidate experience in this downloadable guide.

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