Recruiter’s Guide to Inbound Marketing

You already know all about the intersection of recruiting and marketing. But leveraging marketing for maximum return on your recruiting results means going beyond just building an employer brand. It means making that brand – and the story behind it – compelling enough to convert passive visitors into qualified candidates.

This eBook from Recruiting Daily’s Matt Charney will explain Inbound Marketing and the tactics needed to consistently and predictably attract and convert more candidates in your recruiting strategy.

Want a little taste of what’s inside? Matt covers topics that will inspire you to totally revamp your approach to talent acquisition, like:

  • Why recruiters and HR professionals should care about inbound marketing
  • A guide for getting started on your inbound marketing strategy
  • Using candidate segmentation, valuable content, and perfect timing to attract top talent
  • Defining target personas to better nurture your talent leads
  • Optimizing conversion with personalized landing pages and better calls to action
  • Identifying key benchmarks for measuring your recruiting success

Don’t miss this amazing resource that’ll transform your understanding of how marketing fits into the world of recruitment. Let Matt be your guide as you learn the secret to create scalable, sustainable and engaged pools of candidates.

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