Nurturing Candidates From Attraction to Hire

A Guide to the Ultimate Candidate Experience from Glassdoor and SmashFly

So you want to build a database of interested candidate leads and hire more engaged employees?

Welcome to the world of nurture. Marketers have been using it for years to communicate with interested leads and build better relationships in order to convert them into customers; now, it’s talent acquisition’s turn. Glassdoor and SmashFly partner on this essential eBook that covers everything your talent acquisition team needs to know about nurture:

  • What nurture is, and what role it plays in a Recruitment Marketing strategy.
  • How to nurture candidates throughout each stage of their journey, from attraction to application to hire.
  • How to build a more responsive talent network through nurture practices.
  • The vital roles of email, automation and recruiter communication in nurture.
  • Why candidates decline job offers – and how to proactively increase your offer acceptance rate.
  • Key examples of how using nurture pre- and post-apply contributes to better fit candidates and more engaged employees.

Don’t miss out on this awesome resource.

We’re really proud of the hard work we’ve done putting this guide together with our friends at Glassdoor. Not only does it contain tons of best practice techniques for working nurture into your talent acquisition strategy, but also insider tips for maximizing the impact of your organization’s Glassdoor Employer Account.

If you want to manage and promote your employer brand, attract more high-quality candidates, lower your cost per hire, foster an engaged talent network, and supercharge your recruitment strategy, this eBook is for you.


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