3 Personalized Candidate Experiences

How to Lead With Brand & Relevancy in the Candidate Journey

Every person interested in a career change will have a different experience on their way to choosing—or not choosing—your organization. It’s your job to make that experience as relevant, targeted, efficient and effective as possible, through messaging and user experience across every touchpoint and device. That’s personalization.

So what does that really look like? Download our lookbook for a deep look into personalized candidate experiences. You’ll learn:

  • How to spread your personalization efforts across the entire candidate journey—not just your career site
  • Data’s role in creating an experience based on candidate actions, interests, preferences and skills
  • Strategies for speaking to candidates’ personal “why” with content that is brand-led instead of job-led
  • Personalization techniques that enable you to attract, engage and nurture relationships to hire right-fit talent
  • How companies are putting personalization to work for them today in 3 real world examples

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