What is A Recruitment Marketing Platform?

Attract more qualified candidates so you can predictably fill jobs faster and smarter. SmashFly’s award-winning Recruitment Marketing Platform enables you to centrally manage, automate and measure all your recruiting strategies and programs, providing unparalleled, real-time visibility into the sources that produce your best hires.

Learn how a Recruitment Marketing Platform will allow your organization to:

  • ATTRACT with
  • Job Marketing
  • Employer Branding
  • ENGAGE through
  • Social Recruiting
  • Career Site
  • Search Engine Rankings
  • Employee Referrals
  • NURTURE with
  • Recruitment CRM
  • Campaign Management
  • Mobile Recruiting
  • CONVERT through
  • Recruiting Analytics

Today’s candidates are like consumers. They’ve got options, and they research potential employers like products. So how do you attract and convert modern talent? By thinking like a marketer. This data sheet gives a basic overview of SmashFly’s total recruitment marketing platform and the powerful features that will take you to the cutting edge of talent acquisition.

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