How CH2M Attracts the Best Talent Using Modern Recruiting Marketing

In 2006, CH2M’s cost per hire was over $10,000. By instituting a 360-degree recruitment marketing solution, and replacing costly, ineffective advertising with integrated social recruiting and a robust talent network, they were able to reduce cost per hire by more than half.

This short case study packs in a wealth of information on how CH2M, a global leader in engineering, construction, and design, achieved a total renovation of their talent acquisition strategy to become a magnet for top talent in over 180 countries. By working with SmashFly Technologies, CH2M…

  • Built a robust talent network database of warm leads to be tapped for future great hires.
  • Encouraged ongoing engagement with the employer brand through content marketing and email nurturing strategies.
  • Automated job distribution to hundreds of global job boards, with unsurpassed visibility into which sources generated the best applicants and best hires.
  • Created an integrated social recruiting strategy, including a multi-branded career-focused Facebook presence and social-friendly job sharing capabilities.
  • Benefit from end-to-end recruitment analytics that track every job, email, social post and URL in real time to gain complete visibility into the effectiveness of all recruitment marketing campaigns and tactics.
  • Fully integrate with their existing ATS for a seamless recruitment workflow.
  • Establish a new Global Recruitment Operations team that leverages content marketing, SEO, PPC advertising and retargeting to significantly increase the number of qualified candidates joining the CH2M talent community daily.

Check out this case study to read more about how you can bring the same success to your recruitment strategy.

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