Bright House Networks: Optimizing Recruitment Marketing Strategies to Exceed Hiring Goals

“We had a 24% increase in filling positions and... decreased our cost by 48%”

In 2012, Bright House Networks started a large and essential initiative to improve recruiting across the company. Starting with job distribution in early 2013, Bright House has continued to transform their strategy by adding more initiatives – all managed and tracked by SmashFly – throughout the past three years to truly create a recruitment marketing discipline within the organization.

Their challenges included:

  • Integration – One platform, one vendor.
    • “How do we manage all our needs for recruitment marketing in one place while embracing new trends and without needing more bandwidth to manage vendors?”
  • Visibility – Agnostic source of truth for data and transparency.
    • “How do we get a complete view into what efforts and sources attract qualified candidates in real-time without having to piece together different data sets?”
  • Insight – Real-time data that helps identify the best talent.
    • “How can we use comprehensive data to become more proactive, predictive, and optimized?”

As early adopters of a Recruitment Marketing Platform in 2013, Bright House Networks got a jumpstart on the competition in adopting a measureable recruitment marketing strategy, which helped to build a talent pipeline of over 800,000, optimize and streamline job distribution to the most effective channels, and bring in more than 75,000 applications from the career site.

To learn more about how Bright House was able to overcome their challenges, and in doing so see a 24% increase in filling positions while at the same time reducing their costs by 48%, download this case study today!

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