The Talent Acquisition Trifecta: A New Framework

A report from Aptitude Research Partners

Talent acquisition has become increasingly complex over the past few years. Organizations recognize that they need more clarity around the tools and technology to support how they identify and attract talent. This report introduces a new framework for strategic talent acquisition and outlines the three major pillars of a successful technology strategy including a recruitment marketing platform, applicant tracking system and onboarding solution.

Companies need to start thinking differently about talent acquisition technology. The first step is to realize that talent acquisition deserves its own suite of solutions and its own technology stack. Strategic talent acquisition is achieved when companies invest in three major areas of technology:

  • recruitment marketing platforms,
  • traditional ATS,
  • and onboarding systems.

As the pressure to identify talent intensifies, companies need these systems to handle every stage of the candidate’s journey from lead (recruitment marketing platform) to applicant (ATS) to new hire (onboarding).

Leading companies are stepping back, reexamining their recruitment processes, and providing more emphasis on an integrated talent acquisition model. But what does a talent acquisition suite look like? In what solutions do organizations need to invest to succeed? This report clarifies the talent acquisition market by creating a new framework for organizational thinking about technology. Download it today and learn the new framework for talent acquisition.

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