The Recruitment Marketing Platform: A Hub for Talent Discovery, Attraction, & Engagement

A report from Lighthouse Research and Advisory

As key practices in recruitment marketing – like employer branding, talent prospecting and pipelining, and candidate relationship management (CRM) – continue to evolve, demand has grown for solutions that support successful, scalable strategies. A recent HR systems survey from Sierra-Cedar (shown in Figure 2 below) found widespread use of best-of-breed point solutions like employer branding tools, marketing campaign management tools, and video interviewing. The ATS itself has remained largely the same, and in order to add capabilities for talent attraction and engagement required to be successful in talent acquisition today, hiring organizations have to look elsewhere.

The result has been a massive influx of best-of-breed tools and technologies – all touting silver bullets for success in recruitment marketing. Navigating this corner of the vast HCM vendor landscape is no walk in the park – and piecing together a cohesive, technology-enabled talent attraction and engagement strategy is no small undertaking. For many, having a dedicated system in place to manage all of the various elements of an effective recruitment marketing function is essential. This system, better known as the recruitment marketing platform, serves as the central hub of talent attraction and engagement. Far more than a workflow and compliance tool like the ATS, or a collection of bells and whistles, these systems offer strategic value in their ability to tie a common thread across all the disparate elements of an effective recruiting marketing function. Likewise, they enable the data-driven measurement practices that provide today’s most effective hiring organizations with the insight they need to continuously optimize their recruitment marketing efforts.

This report will dive into key findings from Lighthouse’s Recruitment Marketing Technology & Services: Navigating the Vendor Landscape, including an in-depth look at key components of recruitment marketing. It will define what the recruitment marketing platform is, as well as its key capabilities. It will discuss the competitive value of talent analytics in recruitment marketing. Most importantly, this report will describe what role the recruitment marketing platform plays in supporting an effective, modern talent acquisition strategy.

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