5 Key Components of High Performance Recruitment Marketing

A report from the Brandon Hall Group

Recruiters today are busy, to say the least. What with heightened candidate expectations of near-constant communication and ultra-tight feedback loops, a talent-driven market where competition for the best candidates is at an all-time high, and the extensive assessment, selection, and hiring processes, it’s increasingly difficult to get someone worthwhile in the door and in front of a hiring manager – while still delivering on your other day-to-day responsibilities.

Enter recruitment marketing extending reach and exposure of career opportunities, building and nurturing candidate relationships, and all management of messaging and advertising of talent acquisition efforts. This includes everything from content marketing and leveraging social media channels to filling out CRMs and cultivating employer brand. Success requires an understanding of the different pieces, and how to adapt them to your organization for maximum impact.

This indispensable report by Brandon Hall Group talent acquisition analyst Kyle Lagunas will show you how to tackle the biggest problems facing modern recruitment professionals:

  • Deliver on the heightened expectations of the modern candidate while freeing your hands to focus on your other responsibilities.
  • Define the right key performance indicators (KPIs) to track performance and gauge the impact of your recruitment marketing strategy.
  • Garner leadership buy-in for a serious recruitment marketing strategy by speaking their language.
  • Beat the competition when vying for top candidates; convert active talent into applicants, and stay top of mind until passive talent is ready to apply.

Whether you’re curious about the key components of high-performance recruitment marketing, or searching for the right tools to streamline your workflow and deploy your talent acquisition strategy more effectively, this analyst report will deliver on the inspiration and guidance you need. Benefit from BHG’s talent acquisition expertise, and become a superhero of recruiting.

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