Why Shifting Talent Dynamics are Putting Restaurants at Risk

According to Indeed, job seeker interest in the restaurant industry was at 75% of employer demand in 2013. The following year, that metric dropped to just over 50% of what’s needed to maintain equilibrium. Combine that with perpetually high turnover rates and you’ve got a talent crisis. So, how can you prepare for and evolve ahead of these dynamics?

“If the trend [in the restaurant industry] continues, it will only be a matter of time before the problem spills out into the public, slowing service, deteriorating meal quality, and perhaps, forcing restaurants to close their doors.”

– “The Crippling Problem […] Chefs are Freaking Out About, Washington Post

Restaurant owners need to get ahead of the problems facing the industry by connecting with talent sooner and building lasting relationships with them. This report outlines the challenges facing the hospitality industry, specifically restaurants, and provides solutions.

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