Recruiting With Content: A Lookbook For The Candidate Journey

Something big is happening in talent acquisition: an attitudinal shift about work, jobs and employers that spans generations and demographics. People want to work for an organization that shares their values, supports their goals and enables their happiness. Today’s candidates are looking to align their personal “why”with the “why” of their employer.

So, how do you reach these people and show them that you’re more than just the typical 9-5 office? With standout, relevant, personalized content. Content can help advance the right-fit people to the next stage in their career search by aligning on what matters at the right time.

In this eBook, SmashFly and Glassdoor team up to show you how to do just that. Download and you’ll learn how to:

  • Break down the stages of the recruitment marketing funnel by message, not channel
  • Create and curate content throughout the candidate journey
  • Answer the right content about your brand, jobs and culture

You’ll also get to see real examples of how Marriott, Intel, T-Mobile and other brands are leveraging content as part of their diverse talent acquisition strategies.


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