Employer Branding

The consumerization of the candidate experience is changing talent acquisition. Candidates have become like consumers. They research a new employer in the same way they research products and services they want to buy, and they expect the experience of engaging with a prospective employer to have a similar consumer feel. That’s why it’s incredibly important to promote your unique Employer Brand at every step in the candidate’s journey.

With SmashFly, you are able to embrace the consumerization of the candidate experience by using best-practice Recruitment Marketing principles designed to attract, engage, nurture and convert candidates with a compelling and consistent Employer Brand. We give you full control over this brand to leverage it most effectively in your recruiting strategy.


Successfully decouple your technology and analytics from your creative to give you full control over your employer brand. SmashFly offers control over all the ways your employer brand is presented, from your Career Site to job ads to social channels to email marketing. You have full control over the HTML design of your Career Site as well as your employer brand content such as headers, footers, and talent network forms. No matter if you use internal resources or outside agency partners to create the initial design, you are able to control all updates, make content changes and create new content such as landing pages without any additional monetary investment from within the Platform.


Centrally control your employer brand standards by building a media library of branded content and design elements within the SmashFly CRM. Give recruiters easy access to approved assets including headers, footers, videos, boilerplates, images, documents and other content that will bring job descriptions and email campaigns to life.


Dynamically present content (text, videos, images) in job descriptions, career site landing pages and talent network capture forms based on who the candidate is, what marketing campaign they are responding to and what source they came from. SmashFly’s Dynamic Content feature automatically leverages your Employer Branding Media Library to improve engagement and conversion of your job ads and Career Site landing pages. Determine the targeted content you want displayed by brand, job or initiative and the SmashFly Platform will embed this content on the fly to make your candidate facing job content stand out and better convert your desired audience.


Easily enable your Facebook Page followers to become recruiting contacts and job applicants, and track the influence of Facebook all the way to hire. With SmashFly’s integration with Facebook, you can create a Careers tab on one or multiple Facebook pages that provides Facebook followers an easy way to explore your employer brand and open job opportunities. Most important, analytics data from the Careers tab is presented side by side with your other recruitment marketing initiatives, providing you insight into the effectiveness of Facebook in your overall recruiting strategy.


The SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Platform can help you control and better utilize your employer branding assets across all your recruiting initiatives.

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