Date Jun 26, 2017
Location Boston, MA

Join John Qudeen, VP Recruiting & Staffing at Thomson Reuters during his keynote:

Take Your Seat at the Table: How to Use Metrics and Measurement to Prove the Value of Your Employment Brand Strategy

Creative, check. Personalized candidate experience, always. Click-through rates, through the roof. Solid employer brand, I think so… The market is evolving too quickly to think you have a solid employer brand. Time to take your seat at the table (don’t wait for it!) and prove you have a solid employer brand (or share the plan to get there) with metrics and measurement. And the good news? It’s easier than you might think.

John Qudeen will break it down for you, sharing Thomson Reuters’ employer branding journey from inception to activation, and how it’s being measured at every stage. He’ll share how he keeps a pulse on employer brand’s impact on the business and communicates the value of this work to the leadership team. You’ll walk away with actionable tips; from building a data-driven employer brand with simple, straightforward metrics to strategically measure its business impact as part of your larger recruitment marketing strategy. So, pull up a chair, your leadership team will thank you.

You will learn:

  • How to measure your employment brand strategy from inception to activation.
  • How to measure employer brand impact on the business.
  • How to measure the employer brands impact on larger recruitment marketing strategy.