Date Feb 21, 2017
Location Cincinnati, OH

Join Tracey Parsons, Recruitment Marketing Practice Director at SmashFly as she presents:

8 Things You Need to Know to Convert Passive Talent

Oh, passive candidates! They’re everywhere, but they’re not seeking our jobs and our brand like we want them to. They don’t look at job boards. They aren’t searching career sites on Google. They aren’t holding their breath for LinkedIn InMail. But we need them! So how do we earn their attention, make a powerful impression and ultimately convert this pivotal group of talent into leads and applicants? The key is effective communication: creating authentic and value-driven messages that people want to remember. SmashFly’s Director of Recruitment Marketing Tracey Parsons will candidly talk about her experience as both a practitioner and consultant on how you can fuel your recruitment marketing funnel with the right communication, plus how to get inside the mind of the “Purple Squirrel” and measure the most effective touchpoints across your candidate journey.